The "Tell Us What You Think" Contest

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Win $100 store credit by reviewing products on our website!

Please leave product reviews on the product's page in order to count for the contest as it is automated :)

Product reviews are a great way to share information about products and to let others know what your favourites are and how you use them.

The "Tell Us What You Think" Contest


  • Between today and May 12th leave a product review on our website and receive an entry to the contest.
  • Go to the products page and select an item to review.
  • Include your name, email, and product review to qualify.
  • Each product review = 1 entry.
  • For every 10 reviews you get 5 bonus entries. 
  • Open to Canadian residents only.

Contest runs from today to midnight on May 12, 2017. 

All entries will be put into a draw on May 13th and randomly selected. The winner will be announced by May 15th.

The winner will receive $100 in-store or art class credit.

I will also draw 10 bonus names for a chance to win product sample packs and coupons for the online shop!

Thank you for helping get the word out :)

*** Open to Canadian residents only ***

Bethany & the Exploring Encaustic Team

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  • Enkaustikos Slick Wax is a handy product to have on your heated pallet. As you paint using brushes you can dip the encaustic wax coated brush in the warm Slick Wax and clean off the colored wax with a cloth or paper towel. This allows you to change colors of encaustic wax on your brush without contaminating the new wax color with the previous wax color on the brush.
    One warning: you must thoroughly clean out of the paint brush bristles with your cloth or the remaining slick wax can cloud your encaustic paint as you change colors and effect your final painting.

    Penny Gunderson on
  • I was fortunate enough to be able to tour the Enkaustikos manufacturing facilities in Richmond, New York during June 2016. Kathryn Bevier develops wonderful new colors for the line.

    The Enkaustikos Hot Sticks are super loaded with pigment. these are the same quality pigments used to paint vehicles and other highly colored manufactured goods. The pigments are milled to a very fine consistency before the wax is added and the machinery completes the process of melting and stirring the wax before the sitcks are poured into molds.

    Because the wax Hot Sticks are so deeply pigmented you can add up to one half wax medium and still have rich colors to paint with. This extends the use of the Hot Sticks and makes purchasing new colors more reasonable

    The wax colors are marked with whether they are opaque, semi transparent or transparent. Knowing this can really aid you in layering the wax to add depth to your encaustic paintings. I really enjoy adding a thinned layer of transparent colored wax over embedded papers or photo transfers and fusing gently.

    There are some great youtube videos available for working with Enkaustikos products on this link

    Penny Gunderson on

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