Fun time with the Rip Off Artists

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What a Rip Off!

Last month I was invited to participate with the South Okanagan Rip Off Artists during their annual event. This year they were "ripping off" Edvard Munch's The Scream. They only rip off artists that have been dead for a very long time and as a fun creative exercise. The event runs for a week, each Rip Off works in a different medium, and we try to create together as much as possible.

Of course I was working in encaustic and had the further restriction of only two days to work on my painting due to work. I got my color palette together right off the bat and also decided to try using the new brushes from Catalyst. I know that some folks have been using the Catalyst pottery tools on their monoprints to great effect. I was very excited to try these brushes from the 6400 Series. 

Exploring Encaustic
I am not entirely sure of what they are made of, but they worked like a dream over the two day.They are called "Next Gen Synthetic" Polytip Bristol.. I will definitely be purchasing more of them for my personal collection.

Here is my scream's progression. 

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