My North Carolina Encaustic Adventure: Part 2 310 Art

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310 Art Gallery

Located at Riverview Station North, ground floor in the Historic River Art District in Asheville, NC, the 310 Art Gallery is a delightful collection of artists in residence, art instruction, and a beautiful gallery. Fleta Monaghan, the director and founder of 310 Art, was our charming tour guide during our visit.

It was so refreshing to see a gallery that represented so many encaustic artists of such high caliber. There were works by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, Bet Kindley, Fleta Monaghan, and Erin Keane.  I encourage you to visit their website to see all of the participant artists at the gallery as there were many others in other mediums as well.

They have a terrific encaustic program that I would encourage you to check out if you are planning on visiting Asheville. Upcoming classes include comprehensive sessions, photo wall tiles, encaustic and nature printing, and encaustic sculpture with Michelle Belto. I have taken instruction from Michelle and her class is not one to miss.

310 Art also has a fantastic art scholarship program. Through the sale of t-shirts and aprons all profits go to provide scholarships to deserving emerging college art majors and others who are in need of some financial assistance to attend workshops at 310 ART.

There are so many amazing aspects to the 310 Art gallery, I wished I lived closer. 

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